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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to make your teeth whiter and brighter, and therefore more attractive. Bleaching can be used to whiten stained and discolored teeth, or simply to enhance a dull smile. Either way, tooth whitening is a safe and relatively painless procedure for most patients. Our office offers two methods of whitening: in-office whitening and tray whitening.

In-office whitening with Zoom!®

ZOOM!® is a common in-office whitening procedure and is ideal if you want immediate results. The whole process takes about an hour, taking little time out of busy lives. A protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue. Then a special light-activated gel is applied to your teeth and light or laser is used to enhance the action of the agent. Finally, the patient receives a take-home gel and instructions to keep the smile bright. The result is dramatically whiter teeth that will last for years.

Tray whitening system

With tray-based tooth bleaching systems, a tray similar to a mouth guard is filled with bleaching gel and placed over the teeth for one to several hours a day as directed by your dentist. At Gulf Coast Dental Care we can custom-fit your tray if this is a system you want to try.

Please consult us about the use of over-the-counter whitening treatments.

Does insurance cover teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental insurance since it is considered a cosmetic dental procedure.

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