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Gulf Coast Dental Care offers dental services to Orange Grove and the surrounding areas. We provide our patients' care using only the best state of the art technology in the dental industry. Our staff of dental professionals are trained in the most modern methods for handling all your dental needs.

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"My appointment was flawless. Professional service and pleasant personnel." - Susan D.

"Excellent service, very friendly staff. Jennifer does a great job on my cleanings and Dr Sutton is very attentive and efficient. Thoroughly pleased with my visit." - Celia W.

Dental Office in Orange Grove

While dental issues may be small, the pain and possible repercussions if not adequately treated are not. Nerve damage, infection, gum disease, and even heart problems can result from unrepaired dental issues. If you have any mouth pain, bleeding of the gums, extremely bad breath or any other signs of dental issues schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately.

orange grove dental care

Our Orange Grove Dental Service Includes:

Dental Cleaning - Bi-annual dental cleaning is a wonderful way to maintain good oral hygiene. Seeing your dentist every six months can be the key to spotting and prevent dental issues such as decay and cavities.

Dentures - It doesn’t matter if you need complete or partial dentures we can provide them. Smile big with a new pair of dentures. No need to shy away from family pictures, we can help you with dentures that match your current teeth and help give you a natural look.

Gum treatments - Gum treatments, also known as periodontal treatments, are vital in protecting the mouth’s foundations. As gums become diseased the stability or your oral health is largely at risk. Gum treatments help identify and reduce the symptoms of gum damage such as bleeding gums, bad breath and puffy gums.

Teeth Whitening -The desire for a whiter smile is a common one. In a world of selfies and social media having a white smile seems vital. Gulf Coast Dental offers ZOOM!® teeth whitening. This simple in-office procedure isn’t the only option. We also offer home tray whitening kits.

Dental fillings - Over time even with the best teeth maintenance, you may find yourself with tooth damage or decay. Tooth fillings are often a less invasive way to stop tooth decay from spreading and causing more damage. Using either gold, amalgam, composite or porcelain your dentist will fill in the decayed area after removing and cleaning the decay.

We offer an extensive arrangement of services including dentures, bonding, crowns and bridges, TMJ treatment, wisdom teeth removal and more. For over 40 years Orange Grove, Mississippi has trusted the team at Gulf Coast Dental Care. Call to schedule your appointment today.