Sure Smile Clear Aligner in Gulfport, Mississippi

Straighten your teeth with clear aligners

Sure Smile Clear Aligners are an easy and affordable way to align your smile without the cost and inconvenience associated with many other aligners and wire braces. It's a comfortable fit with your lifestyle and budget, essentially working as invisible braces! Sure Smile Clear Aligner is a quick and simple solution for correcting minor tooth misalignment such as crowding or gaps, including treatment of orthodontic relapse.

Invisible braces

Virtually Undetectable with no attachments, this nearly invisible solution to teeth straightening has been called “invisible braces” for a reason. They are surprisingly affordable as compared to traditional wire braces or other clear aligner solutions. The best part is treatment usually takes as little as 3-10 months to complete.

What’s the difference with clear braces?

As compared to your traditional wire braces and other clear aligners, Sure Smile Clear Aligner is fully removable, making it easier to maintain best oral health practices. While traditional or clear braces are held together with brackets, it’s easier to not only eat but brush and floss with Sure Smile Clear Aligner.

Are the aligners comfortable?

Custom-fit to your individual teeth alignment needs, these aligners may take a one to two days to become used to wearing. However, an overwhelmingly large number of our patients have reported they hardly even notice wearing them after the adjustment period.

What are the health benefits of Sure Smile Clear Aligner?

If maintained properly during your treatment, Sure Smile Clear Aligner can help you maintain better oral hygiene. Since your teeth and gums are aligned properly, this helps you easily clean and brush which makes it less likely for your mouth to develop gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

After treatment, do I wear a retainer?

Just like other orthodontic procedures, you’ll want to wear a retainer to ensure your new tooth alignment stays in place. One of our dental care specialists is happy to discuss your options with you and explain which one would best suit your needs.

For more information about Sure Smile Clear Aligner and invisible braces, please contact our dental office at 228-832-3231 in Gulfport, Mississippi for all your dental care needs.