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Gulf Coast Dental Care is happy to provide dental care to the Mississippi City community and surrounding areas. For decades Gulf Coast Dental has provided different levels of care for patients throughout Mississippi.

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"Love this office! The people that work there are always so friendly and courteous. They have always be prompt with my appointments, very little wait time. The office is always so clean and smells wonderful! You don't have that usual dental office smell. So far, all I have had done is cleaning my teeth, but will be going back soon for a filling. Great group of Ladies and I would highly recommend this clinic to everyone." - Diand R.

"I love my hygienist Amber !!! I really hate going to the dentist because of past experiences and my own fears of the dentist !!! Amber have made all my visits a great experience . She is very nice and professional and I can tell she loves her job !" - Michella M.

Dental Services in Mississippi City

When you need to see a dentist we understand that you need to trust your dentist and their team. Our team of expert dental care professionals use state of the art technologies to perform our procedures to help you get the best results.

mississippi city dental care

We offer Mississippi City residents with a wide range of services including:

Dental Cleaning - Biannual dental cleanings are essential for obtaining and maintaining a healthy mouth. Having a cleaning done twice a year can contribute to a reduction of cavities. Also having regular visits with a dentist contributes to early detection of existing problems so you can have them repaired before they get worse.

Dentures - It doesn’t matter if you need complete or partial dentures we can provide them. Smile big with a new pair of dentures. No need to shy away from family pictures, we can help you with dentures that match your current teeth and help give you a natural look.

Root Canal - An infected tooth doesn’t always have to result in an extraction. A root canal can save the infected or damaged tooth by cleaning out the infection.

Night Guards and Mouth Guards - If you grind your teeth or play sports, then you may benefit from a guard. Night guards are great for people who grind their teeth or clench their teeth when they sleep. Mouth guards are ideal for athletes these harder guards help protect the teeth from impact during a sporting event.

Learn more about the other services we offer our clients.

Mississippi City Trusts Gulf Coast Dental Care

Our team provides reliable dental care using the best in technologies. We can provide digital X-rays and imaging to help identify damage to your teeth and gums. Our collection of tools and equipment also includes telescopic loupe. Intraoral camera, soft tissue laser, diagnodent, cad cam, and more.

Whatever your needs are we our office can provide you with the finest dental care in Mississippi. Schedule your appointment with a Gulf Coast Dental Care team member today.