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Is Vaping Bad for My Teeth?

April 4, 2021 | Blog

You hear about the effects that vaping has on your lung health more times than most, but how often do you hear about the way it affects your teeth? Many may think “it’s not an actual cigarette, so it won’t affect my teeth the same way a real cigarette would.” Although it appears to have less oral health risks, using nicotine products of any kind can cause just as much oral damage as it can for your lungs. Today we are going to talk about some of the effects of vaping and how it can affect your oral health.


Dry mouth

Dry mouth also sometimes referred to as “cotton mouth”, among some other things, can be one major side effect of vaping. This uncomfortable sensation happens when the e-liquid from the e-cigarette, known as propylene glycol (PG), is present and acts as a humectant, which then absorbs and retains water. Propylene glycol, along with nicotine, plays a major role in drying out your mouth and causing significant discomfort.


Bad breath

By drying out the tissue in your mouth and, in turn causing your mouth to produce less saliva, your mouth is no longer protected by what once held foul breath in. Saliva is the main thing that keeps the inside of your mouth clean and healthy, so without the saliva there, there is nothing to block bad breath from forming.


Gum damage

Nicotine deprives your mouth of oxygen by reducing blood flow to your teeth and gums. Without receiving essential oxygen and nutrients from blood, your gums can really suffer. Vaping can cause your gums to recede, which increases risk for tooth sensitivity and can later lead to an increased risk of gum disease.


Vaping is essentially warming nicotine into a vapor that is ingested through your mouth. What many don’t know is that the vapor does not only just contain nicotine, but it also contains ultra-fine particles of heavy metals and toxic particles. Those toxic particles and ultra-fine heavy metals contain elements that can cause heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease.


Many think that vaping and using e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative for smoking actual cigarette. While they are safer to use, they still have their own negative effects. If you suffer from dry mouth, bad breath and gum damage, Gulf Coast Dental can help!  Contact us to schedule an appointment today.




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