Gulfport Halitosis Treatments

Halitosis is the technical term for "bad breath." More than 50 million people suffer from halitosis in the United States. Depending on the cause, bad breath may happen only occasionally or may be a more persistent condition. The most common cause of bad breath is bacteria. Because the mouth is moist and warm, it creates perfect conditions for the millions of bacteria that live in the mouth. In fact, approximately 80% of bad breath is caused by something in the mouth. Bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth can be easily treated. Brushing your teeth, tongue and gums after meals as well as flossing and rinsing with mouthwash will usually take care of the problem. Regular visits to our office for a deeper, professional cleaning and exam will also help you.

What Cause Halitosis?

Less Common Causes of Halitosis

Ways to Prevent Halitosis

Most types of occasional bad breath, such as "morning mouth," are considered relatively normal and are not usually the result of chronic halitosis or a health issue. However, persistent bad breath may be a sign of more serious problems with the gums and teeth.

Treating Bad Breath

In treating bad breath, the dentists will perform a physical examination of the patient's mouth to determine the cause. If they discover that systemic problems are the cause, they may refer the patient to their family physician. In severe cases of gum disease, it is recommended that a patient visit a periodontist, a doctor that specializes in treating gum disease.

Call our office promptly if you have bad breath with painful, swollen gums that bleed easily or cause loose teeth.

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