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Gulf Coast Dental Care is Biloxi's go-to dental office. We pride ourselves on customer service and dental expertise. We offer a variety of dental service ranging from routine dental cleaning to oral surgeries. With over 40 years of experience we are sure we can help you with all your dental care needs.

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"I was very satisfied with all the treatment that I received. The staff are an awesome team. I really like the warm and friendly atmosphere that I feel every time I visit Gulf Coast Dentistry. " - Timothy A.

"This is the only place I prefer for dental work. They're fast, professional, polite, and opposed to other dentists I've been to in past years." - Erica A.

Our Biloxi Dental Care Services

Dr. Patton and Dr. Webb, and the dental hygiene team deliver personalized dental care to each patient. Our dental services include but are not limited to:


Dental Cleaning - Plaque can cause unhealthy gum and teeth conditions. A thorough dental cleaning will remove the acidic plaque that builds up on your teeth. If left untreated it could result in the plaque wering away the enamel of your teeth, resulting in tooth erosion.

Teeth Whitening - We offer two ways to have the teeth of your dreams; a conventional tray whitening system and Zoom! If you are in a rush we have an in-office whitening procedure for more immediate results.

Dental - We offer multiple filling materials; Gold, Amalgam (Silver), Composite (plastic) and Porcelain. Our dentist will guide you on what is the best option for you.

Night Guards and Mouth Guards - If you grind or clinch your teeth at night we recommend getting a night guard to protect your teeth. Similarly, if you play in any contact sport a mouth guard is a must. Visit our dental office to discuss your options with our dentists.

Wisdom Teeth Removal If you are experiencing pain toward the back of your mouth or jaw it might be time to remove your wisdom teeth. We recommend not waiting too long as wisdom teeth can put pressure on the rest of your teeth and cause bigger problems.

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Dental Care Biloxi Residents Prefer

We carry intraoral cameras, telescopic loupes, soft tissue lasers, diagnodents, cad cams and more. Come by our office today to let us help you achieve healthy teeth. Schedule an appointment today or give us a call.